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2 Piece Ornaments 3 Different Sizes

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Paul J. Bennett

Project by

Paul J. Bennett
Milbridge, US

General Information

Make your own 2-piece Christmas Tree ornaments out of wood. This project uses inexpensive 1/8" (3mm) Luan plywood (“door skins”). 3 sizes: 3", 2", and 1.5" diameters. Paint and decorate as you please.

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You’ll find the thickness of my material in the Easel file is .089" and this is the actual thickness of the material I purchased, even though it’s called 1/8th inch Luan (but is does state in the paperwork that it’s 2.7mm).

I cut out each size of ornament in 8″ × 12″ sheet because this is how I sell the ornaments to do-it-yourself crafters in my area. Feel free to expand the project onto 30″ × 30″ sheets (if you have a 1000mm -Carve).

The 1/8" Luan plywood used to commonly be referred to as “door skins” because this is what is used to make interior hollow doors. It costs me $11.75 (US) per sheet at my local lumber yard

Remove parts from the plywood sheet, and assemble the two parts. The slot is .090" so the parts fit fairly snug (may need a few love taps), and does not need any glue.

Sand, prime, paint/decorate. Hang on tree. Done!