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500mL Soap Flask Stand

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Zachary Reese

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Zachary Reese
Pewaukee, USA

General Information

Here at our house, we love to use Erlenmeyer flasks from chem class as fun soap dispensers! This project helps you create a decorative base for your new dispenser to both elevate it off of the counter to keep it dry, and to protect the glass from breaking.

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Material Description Price
Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo Plywood

Thickness: 3/8 in, Plies: 7, Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in.


Carbide Tip Straight 2 Flute - 1/8 in Cutting x 1/8 in Shank

Carbide Tip Straight 2 Flute - 1/8 in Cutting x 1/8 in Shank

Quantity: 1, Shank Diameter: 1/8 in, Cutting Diameter: 1/8 in


Carbide V-Bits

Carbide V-Bits

Shank Diameter: 1/4 in, Cutting Diameter: 1/2 in, Tip Angle: 90 Degree


from Inventables

File Description Unit Price

Detail GCode


Roughing GCode


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from Inventables


Carve Up Your Base

20 minutes

Carving materials can be found right here on Inventables, but other items will need to be purchased elsewhere to complete the whole soap dispenser assembly. We recommend reading all of the instructions to see what you will need before starting!

1. Once you receive your bamboo blank from the Bill of Materials, use a scroll saw or other saw to cut the blank to 120mm X 120mm.

2. Secure the newly cut stock into your X-Carve at the Origin (0,0). Make sure to be precise since a chamfer is cut around the perimeter of the soap dispenser base to give it a nice finish.

3. Follow the link to my Easel project to carve the flask base. G-Code is provided in the digital files for your convenience as well.

4. Once the carve completes, finish with sandpaper as needed.


Acquire Soap Dispenser Parts

10 minutes

To assemble the soap dispenser, you will need a few parts. Some you may have lying around, others you can find online or at a hardware store! I have provided a few links here to help you find what you need.

1. 500mL Erlenmeyer Flask
You know, the kind you always wanted to sneak home from Chemistry class!
Get one on Amazon here!

2. Size #7 Rubber Stopper
Make sure to get the size that fits the particular flask you use.
Get one on Amazon here!

3. Soap Dispenser Pump
Presumably from the soap dispenser you are replacing! Don’t forget to recycle the old bottle. :)

4. Rubber Feet
Because we don’t want water building up under the wood and we don’t want things slipping around.
Find some on Amazon here!

5. Soap
Remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds!
Here is a link to the CDC recommendations for proper hand washing.


Assemble Your Sudsy Masterpiece

20 minutes

Final assembly of your masterpiece may require some last minute craftsmanship depending on the size of the soap dispenser’s suction tube. Don’t be afraid to make it your own and have fun creating! Take a look at the photo to get a general idea for how the rubber stopper should be cut when you’re done.

1. Add the rubber feet to the flat side of the bamboo base.

2. Drill the rubber stopper through the middle using a drill or drill press. Make sure to measure the outer diameter of the suction tube before beginning, and progressively drill the hole through the center of the stopper using larger and larger bit diameters until you reach the proper size. It is imperative that you secure the rubber stopper while drilling. Rubber is very sticky and will want to move around when you start drilling, which could be dangerous. A drill press will make this step much easier.

2. Cut pump’s suction tube to length. It may take a few test fittings to get things just right. I recommend cutting the tip at a slight angle (like cutting flower stems) and leave it a little bit long so that it curves toward the edge of the inside of the flask to get every last drop of soap.

3. Fill with your favorite soap! Colored soaps can add a fun addition to the visual palette of your home decor.

4. Place the soap dispenser flask assembly in the base and place near your favorite sink!