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Amazon Alexa Voronoi Sculpture

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Alex G. Flohr

Project by

Alex G. Flohr

General Information

Inspired by the Voronoi Diagram, the Amazon Alexa Voronoi Sculpture can be carved on the X-Carve in under 60 min and easily bent using just your oven in under 10 min. Two designs are available in easel: angular and organic.

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Material Description Price
White Acrylic Sheet

White Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Thickness: 1/8 in


from Inventables


Gather Materials/Resources!

In addition to your X-Carve and Acrylic sheet (also feel free to use any color). Here are some suggestions.

You will need…

-Mold (I used a PVC pipe from Home Depot 3.5 diameter – the Amazon Alexa has a Diameter of 3.3 inches so feel free to change the fit)
-Felt – Melted acrylic is impressionable
-Gloves – protect those finger tips
-Cooking Sheet
-Aluminum Foil
-Your Oven (just like when you make cookies!)


Ready your File!

1. Download the given template from Digital Files. I have uploaded two different types of Voronoi files – an Angular and a Circular version. Feel free to use which ever one speaks to your soul.

Or if you’re feeling spicy, you can create your own Voronoi Files. Just download the Voronoi Sketch Generator AutoDesk Fusion 360 add-in and create your own unique pattern. Click Here

The dimensions should be roughly 9.25 in X 11.5 in depending on what fit you want and what mold you are using. Then export your file as a .dxf. You can than take this into Photoshop or whatever file editing software you like.


Cut it!

2. Cut your Voronoi pattern out. You will have a flat sheet. File is initialized for .125 in (~3mm) acrylic.


Bendy Time!

I used these instructions for bending acrylic. Click Here

If you’re not into Instructables and video tutorials heres the spark notes version. Heat the oven to 300 F. Place acrylic on a piece of aluminum on a cooking trey. If you are using .125 in acrylic it will take about 5 min to get it pliable. Just like cookies, you will start to smell the acrylic when it is ready for molding.

DISCLAIMER: Acrylic will smells bad. As long as you have pure acrylic that isn’t cut with anything, it’s fine. Just put the vent on (but let’s not just sit around inhaling acrylic).

You’ll want the gloves now.

Take it out of the oven and slide it from the aluminum foil onto the felt. Now quickly wrap around your mold.

This will all happen very quickly. Make sure to hold it in place for several moments until the mold has hardened.


What?! Done Already!

YAY! You’re done! Wasn’t that shockingly easy?

I’d love to see the different patterns you made so feel free to tag me at @alexgflohr on instagram.

If you’re interested in learning more about Voronoi, check out the Wiki Page because they explain it a million times better than I ever could.