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Animal Toy Safari

Teams  Design

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Teams Design

General Information

The Animal Toy Safari is all about building connections with friendly creatures and exploring your imagination. Once you have assembled all of the figures, have some fun using the pieces to create your own animals!

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Material Description Price
MDF Wood

MDF Wood (×3)

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/4 in


from Inventables

File Description Unit Price










Download Zip

from Inventables


Cut Parts

Choose an animal to cut out.


Make sure your material is secured to the cutting platform.


Push Parts Out

Next you’ll have to push the parts out from the side they were cut on.

The carving machine will leave small tabs.

This insures the parts do not disconnect from the cutting surface during carving.


Clean Parts

After pushing out the parts, there may be small bits of the
tabs still remaining along the edges of the piece.

If you’d like, file these down to get a nice, clean edge.



Using the pieces you just cut, assemble your animal!

Don’t forget to cut out the other figures.



Once you have cut out and assembled all of the animals,
have fun exploring your imagination and creating your own animals!

Jason Bair
Could you make a bear like this please? That would be awesome. Thanks.
Jason Bair
bit diameter??
Teams  Design
Hi Victor, we used a 1/16 Fishtail bit. The Easel links have been updated and now include all the info you need. Thanks for your question.
Teams Design
ford bohl
try to make your design but i can not make tabs looks like fun but tabs are not there even if i add more can you help please
ford bohl
Ross Brinkman
Hi Fordnbohl, if you open the file using the Link in step 1, the tabs will be included. If you are uploading the SVG file into Easel, you will need to manual input the tabs yourself. We suggest using the following dimensions: Length: 0.17in, Width: 0.06in, Number of tabs: 3. We hope this helps!
Ross Brinkman