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Bed Side Stand

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Dustin Smith

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Dustin Smith

General Information

This is a multi-use stand for your bedside table. It will hold your phone, a ring or hair tie, a watch and bracelets, a wallet, and a pair of glasses. There are also slots for your phone’s charging cable. The design is reversible so that your phone can be on either the right, or the left.

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First select your materials. I like the look and sturdiness of walnut. You’ll need 2 pieces: one 10
x 8"x 1/2" thick and another that is 10″ × 6″ by 1/2" thick. You will also need a 1/2" wooden dowel cut to 1 1/4" length and some wood glue.



51 minutes

Load the Easel file and place your first board. The first cut will take approximately 26 minutes. Once finished, place your second board and go to the second cut page. This cut will take approximately 25 minutes for a total cut time of 51 minutes.


Add the Dowel

20 minutes

Cut your dowel to 1 1/4" in length and glue it into the shallow hole carved in the first board. Once dry, sand any rough edges on the boards and stain or seal the wood. Once it’s cured, you have a nightstand phone holder that can hold most of your daily essentials.