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Best Camping Trip Ever!!!

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Peter Pietruszko

Project by

Peter Pietruszko
Barry's Bay, Canada

General Information

An adventure in itself!!! This little car is sure to remind us of our outdoor expeditions even when we are asked to stay indoors for now. The canoe even has room for 2 peg doll passengers! All items (other than the peg dolls) can be found in Easel’s objects menu (the little apple). Have fun!!!

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Material Description Price
MDF Wood

MDF Wood

Dimensions: 12 in × 12 in, Thickness: 3/4 in


from Inventables



1 minute

Select the entire workpeice with all the elements at once and resize them to fit your material. Watch that you don’t decrease too much because the bit will not cut the details you need. Check this by referring to your detailed preview on the right screen.


Run your CNC

120 minutes

The total cutting time is approximately 2 hours. We used the 1/8" Double Flute Straight End Mill, and set our material to Birch Plywood (we found it goes a little slower which was desirable for cleaner edges). The thickness of our material is 0.625in (5/8") therefore we set our cut to 0.65 to ensure it passes through entirely (do this in case you think your wasteboard isn’t perfectly flat, otherwise leave it at 0.625in).


Sand and Assembly of Car and Canoe

30 minutes

Cut out the tabs from your pieces, sand them down and finish off by sanding all the edges of all the parts to a soft round edge. You can also lessen the amount of time during this step if you have a small router with a quarter round bit, just run all the edges along the router. When finished you should have a total of 13 pieces which include: 5 wheels, 2 opposite facing car body parts, 2 canoes, 1 rock, 1 tree and 1 axe and 1 shovel.

Glue the 2, car body parts together making sure that the trees are on the outsides (use an impact tough super glue or wood glue). Ensure that all the parts line up, if something is off don’t panic. MDF sands easily so a little sanding will cover it right up!

Glue the 2, canoe parts together making sure the accent lines are on the outsides… again (use an impact tough super glue or wood glue). Ensure that all the parts line up, if something is off don’t panic. MDF sands easily so a little sanding will cover it right up!


Paint your parts

60 minutes

Dust off your parts and apply a coat of opaque acrylic paint to all the parts. 1 coat is enough if you’re looking for the vintage “distressed” look. This step needs to be done before assembly as it becomes very time consuming to try to tape off all the pieces for painting once assembled.



Use an impact tough super glue to assemble the parts. This allows you to quickly lay the parts where you want them while avoiding white glue from oozing out onto your finished surfaces. Also saves you the need to clamp anything as it only takes 10 seconds of pressure to completely bond solid. If you wish to have the wheels spin, you must purchase 4 wooden wheel axles or a dowel. It’s best to use something no less than 5/16" to avoid the downward pressure of little hands from breaking the axles. This is optional so holes are not already in place on the carve.


You're done!

1 minute

If you wish to add a protective finish, beeswax polish gives it a little shine but isn’t always safe for everyone (depending on allergies) so chose a finish that suites you best.

Enjoy as a toy or a decoration!

I would love to make my grandkids this if you would make it public. thanks
Peter Pietruszko
It is public, just not to be used for commercial uses. You can make it for your grandkids but not sell it to them. Not that you should anyways!
Peter Pietruszko
raymond novak
i made this but it did not show the tree on my car or the peopletree by it self or thetools
raymond novak