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Bit Storage Caddy

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Mike Bryan

Project by

Mike Bryan
Sterling, USA

General Information

A small caddy for storing 1/8" and 1/4" bits, collets, collet wrench, allen key, clamp bolts and washers.

This caddy is made to work with the standard collet wrench and collets for the DeWalt 611. You may need to alter your copy of the Easel project if you have a different spindle

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Set up the machine, Load the Easel file and watch it go.

60 minutes

I used 3/4" Pine for this project because it’s what I had laying around. I would recommend whatever your wood choice is, that it should be at least 3/4" thick so that the bits seat properly and there’s enough meat on the bottom.

I also used a 1/8" 2-flute straight endmill. I like these bits because they have a very long DOC and they also leave a cleaner top edge with less cleanup required.


Remove and lightly sand the piece

15 minutes

This can be as intricate as you like. Sand, stain if you prefer, or leave it.


Move bits and tools into the new caddy

5 minutes

Enjoy your new bit caddy!

Lee Snodgrass
I made this, it turned out great and fits perfectly. Great job Mike!
Lee Snodgrass
Phantomm Fangs
Phantomm Fangs
Stephan K
whats the deal with the screws in the bit holder?
Stephan K
Mike Bryan
The screws and washers are for hold down clamps.
Mike Bryan