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Box - jointed Table - Cactus! Workshop

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Carlos Sanchez

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Carlos Sanchez

General Information

Here is a little box-jointed table. I wanted to practice non-square box joints and test how they would fit in real life :) This design is meant to be cut with 1/16inch bit in 8mm thick plywood

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Svg file with the 3 different pieces


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45 minutes

First step is obvious I guess :)
As I mentioned this design is meant to be cut in 8mm plywood with a 1/16 inch bit. Otherwise the joints might not line up and the bit won’t be able to access the “undercuts” or “dogbone” areas.
Carving time is around 45 min so take your ear plugs, sit back, and relax.

In the attached video I show all the process from set-up to finishing. Take a look if you wish! :)


Adjust the finger joints

These finger joints are not so straight forward, as the pieces aren’t all square to eachother. So in the design I adjusted the finger sizes so the interlocking edges of the diferent pieces would form the main edges of the table from top to bottom. Not sure this makes sense, but the thing is some fingers need indents to interlock with the mating piece.
No big deal, just try to fit a piece, sand a little bit where needed and iterate until it goes in. It’s simpler than it looks and once you’ve done one, the rest are exactly the same :).


Glue up!

Pretty straight forward, start glueing the legs and making sure they are all square to the tabletop. I used an old box as a big square. After they are dry you can insert the rest of the pieces


Sand down the joints

The fingers are meant to be a bit proud so they cand be sanded down after glue up. A flat surface and some sandpaper with double-sided tape will do.
Take a few pases along the edges as well so the table it’s nice to touch!


Apply finish

…If you want :)
I used some water-based matte varnish without any dye. I liked the color as it is. But of course anything can be applied!