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Brass Pin "Solar Travel"

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Maker Mill

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Maker Mill
Mill, Netherlands

General Information

A pin, for a friends shool project in brass.
size is 1.8mm depth per pass 0.1mm

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Find some brass

30 minutes

Find some brass, you can find it on many online metal stores or visit your local recycle center. the thickness is’nt really that imported but i would not go thicker than 2mm for a pin. i got a nice piece that is 1mm thick.

Make sure it is nice and straight, some corrosion is’nt a big deal you can sand it off. (make sure you measure the thickness)


Clamp your material

Make sure you clamp your brass as flush as possible to the wasteboard.


Easel time!

Import a .SVG in to easel or design you own straight in easel.
Make sure you dont make your line to thick or to close together, creating solid shapes works, but leaves carving traces(?)

I set the engraving parts to a depth off 0,2mm and the outside line to 0,85mm.


Get ready to carve

i set my material chose to aluminium, this seems to work great for brass.
the RPM is 18000 and the depth per pas was set to 0,2 mm

experiment with the bit size to see what gives the best result for your design.
mine was set to 0,2mm.


watch 'm go

press the carve button in Easel and go trough the steps as indicated by Easel.



release your brass piece (if it is still attached to he brass you can gentle push it out) and use a file to clean the edges.

Now use a polisher or a drill press with polish brush to polish your pin to a high-gloss finish. take your time to do this. don’t push to hard on the polish brush otherwise it will yank the piece out of your hand. make sure to wear gloves, because brass gets very hot while polishing!

when you are done with polishing you should clean it with a soft cloth and warm water and soap (you can use a toothbrush or tooth pick to get polish-muck out of the finer details) dry your piece with a soft cloth.

you can now solder or glue it to a existing pin, make sure to not overheat the brass when soldering, because it can discolor or get glue on the front side.

all done!