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Christmas Tree

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Dylan Cook

Project by

Dylan Cook
Long Island, USA

General Information

My first ever project on my x-carve. Made for the Holiday Contest. This is best made using .25" material, because that is how it was designed.

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Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood

12" × 24" × 1/4" Baltic Birch Plywood


Step 1: Use Easel to cut out pieces

60 minutes

Open the Easel file, and position the parts to fit your size material. If you have a 500mm x-carve (like me) you will need to do do multiple cuts.


Step 2: Sand the pieces

20 minutes

sand the edges of the pieces to de-burr and smooth the edges. For the +’s inside the circles, I found the best way sand them is to fold up a piece of sandpaper and slide it inside the + as shown in the picture


Step 3: Assemble the tree

10 minutes

Assemble the tree to test fit the pieces to make sure it all fits together. Then, take apart the tree and lay the pieces out.


Step 4: Stain or paint

10 minutes

This step is not necessary, but if you would like to, you can stain or paint your tree. Let it dry.


Step 5: Assemble the tree and display it

5 minutes

Re-assemble the tree, and display it for all to see!

Eddie J Sanchez
This will actually fit on a 12x12 piece and not need to be done using anymore material than that. I have the layout but not sure how to share.
Eddie J Sanchez
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones
Billy  McGee
figured out a good layout, took a pic but it wont let me put it here.
Billy McGee