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Coffin box with fitted lid

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This is a coffin shaped box with a fitted lid designed with 6 triangle and I used my box formula to create the actual box part of the object.

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These will not fit together properly is modified. They have to be remade with a specific formula. If you try to resize them, even if you resize them together the exact same in every way, they will not fit together properly. Also, YOU HAVE TO USE AN 8TH IN BIT WHEN YOU CUT THEM. The formula I create to make these was made using the measurement when cut with an 8th in bit. This is because some paths are cut outside, some are on path and these paths with the bit size determines the wall thickness and placement. I haven’t tried resizing them and then cutting them, but I have to imagine that since everything is changing and the bit size remains the same, then I have to assume the wall thickness and placement must also change.

Gregg Hall
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Gregg Hall
Jasmine Hinson
This won't open, It says it has not been shared. I would love this file thank you
Jasmine Hinson