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Contrast House Model Kit

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Michael Curry

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Michael Curry
Kansas City, Missouri

General Information

The Contrast House is a flat cut model kit that can be made using with your X-Carve. There are 8 sheets of parts that need to be cut. The other seven sheets are available in the linked Projects.

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Material Description Price
Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood (×8)

12" × 24" × 1/8" Baltic Birch Plywood



The Contrast House is an adaptation of the Berea Contrast House available for free from These files have been adapted and optimized for carving on the X-Carve.

This kit has been re-designed to be carve from 1/8th inch or 3mm material. It needs to be carved with a 1/8th inch or 3mm mill bit.

To get the assembly instructions, order for a free set of Berea Contrast House plans at MakeCNC

Plans and assembly instructions are delivered digitally after completing check out.

The other seven easel projects are available by following these links:

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Casey kookla
thank you for your time donating this project to everyone! i greatly appreciate it!!
Casey kookla
Casey kookla
can someone please check out these files and tell me if the cut depths are backwards? I tried this and it seems its cutting wrong. all I loaded file, deleted all but 1 part for a test, and it cut the outline only part way through, and the shallow detail parts cut out all the way through!
Casey kookla
bornt be;lly
bornt be;lly
bornt be;lly
5 stars ate!!
bornt be;lly