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Corian Soap Dish

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Steve Gale

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Steve Gale

General Information

Designer Soap Dish made from 19mm Glacier White Corian
Double sided carve

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White Corian®

White Corian®



90 minutes

Corian 19mm Glacier White – 120 × 100mm
1/8 2 flute upcut bit

Step 1.
Ensure you are using markers or a jig to ensure that when you flip the material you are using the exact same position. My zero zero was the centre of the material as found this to be the easiest and most accurate position for the carve.

Step 2.
Once material is positioned correctly run the reverse side rebates (page 2 of Easel design). I used a 1/8 2 flute upcut bit @ 500mm/min, 250mm plunge & depth per pass of 1mm – please note these setting worked for me but you may find faster or slower setting work best for you.

Step 3.
Flip the material and run top side (page 1 of Easel design) – i used the same settings as above

Step 4.
Clean up! :-)