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custom pipe reducer and drain grill

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Jawad Saadi

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Jawad Saadi

General Information

This project was out of necessity when some renovation work was going on my house and then need to fit a 4" drain pipe to an old odd sized pipe.

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Overview Video

The video is a preview of the project, I have included the instructions below for both parts that I have carved out as an example as the measurement is very specific to my need in this case.

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drain grill

90 minutes

1- check the preview video in step 1 to understand the application of this grill.
2- take the measurement that you need, in my case I need it only three sides of a rectangular .
3- In Easel draw the parts you want to carve out, and set the depth to be around 70% of the material thickness.
4- Select the material, in my case I used teflon* cutting board that is 11mm thick. Teflon is a durable PTFE and I assume it will handle the elements of an outdoor drain (haven’t researched this)
5- Carve out the Easel path in no 3 above
6- keeping the board clamped in the same location, go back to Easel and draw the boarder, and set the depth of cut identical to the material thickness. see my example on
7- Carve out and use.

  • Teflon is the product name from DuPont the material is Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)


the pipe adapter

60 minutes

1- measure the outer diameter of the inner pipe with a caliper
2- measure the inner diameter of the outer pipe with a caliper
3- in Easel draw the two circles to size and select outline “inside” for inner circle and the outline “outside” for the outer circle.
4- On my case I need the two circles to eccentric to give some adjustment of pipe placement (see picture below), but if you need the two circles concentric use the vertical and horizontal center alignment
6- Select your material in my case I used 30mm thick Teflon* board.
5- Start carving, and let the x-carve do its magic

  • Teflon is the product name from DuPont the material is Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)