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Detailed State Signs

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Hello everyone I made some detailed state signs of New Mexico and Missouri just messing around on the X-carve they turned out alright let me know what you think

You will need:
.5 birch plywood
.125 bit
.0625 bit
.03125 bit

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Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood (×2)

Thickness: 1/2 in, Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in

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Wall state.jpg


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Open your easel file

Alright everyone so here is the easel file that I created now we are going to have to do a couple things in order for it to work

First you need to cut on the outside of the state outlines with an .125 bit

Then you will need to cut the middle part of New Mexico with a .0625 bit

And finally you will need to cut the middle of Missouri with the .03125 bit

I know that this is a hassle you could simply cut the entire piece out with the .03125 bit but this would take probably idk 9.2 million years plus we want to minimize the time that you are using the .03125 bit because it is extremely small and prone to breaking

So doing these bit changes will not be so mush of a problem if you keep track of what you are doing and work through it slow make sure every time that you do a bit change you are in the exact same home position as the previous one

I found that the best way to do this is setup 3 different easel files and cut each one separate

cut the middles first and then the outline last so your material is solid in each stage.

Also make sure your feed rates and depths are set accordingly to each bit size

.125: 35 in/min .028
.0625: 20 in/min .020
.03125: 10 in/min .010

These are what I used and may not work for you

I would suggest that you have easel set up some holes in your material so you can bolt it down to the table I did not do this but I do it now on all my projects it will be worth the headaches I will be posting a project with a grid that I made that you can simply drag your images over see if there out of the way of the holes and then delete the holes and then cut



450 minutes

Once you have everything set up a quad checked and then quad checked again go to the park, wal-mart, stand outside, look at a bush, pet your dog, etc. because this is going to take FOREVER!!!!

I personally left the house for about 6 hours and came back and they where almost finished

If you trust your work then there is no reason that you cant leave your X-Carve and go doing something else it will only do what you told it to do and lets just hope you dont break a bit lol



Alright sweet so we grew just a little bit old and probably wiser and now we can figure out how to finish these things cause I have not lol