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DiResta Key (or wrench) Hook!

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Jimmy DiResta

Project by

Jimmy DiResta
East Durham, NY

General Information

Here is a concept to make a key hook. Please improve it and in its design and ability to make the hooks in a more simple manner !
thank you and enjoy!

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Material Description Price
40% Light Transmission White Acrylic Sheet

40% Light Transmission White Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Thickness: 1/4 in


Here's a video overview of the project

5 minutes

Here’s a quick video of the project.


Draw the hooks

15 minutes

I used drew the hooks in 3 sections. I then copied and pasted the bottom part over and over until had enough to fill the rack. Then I used the combined path feature to make it all one object. The next step was to export the file as an SVG.



10 minutes

Instead of using mechanical clamps I like using hot glue to affix a piece of MDF to the Inventables Waste board. I leave the paper mask on the acrylic and I then use a 3M Super 77 spray glue to secure it to the MDF. You can use any clamping method that works for you. This is my favorite.


Click Carve and remove parts

45 minutes

Once you have it where you like in Easel go ahead and click carve. Acrylic can be a challenging material to carve because it can remelt back on the bit if you don’t have the speeds and feeds just right. I needed to use the 1/32" bit to get the side of the A in DiResta but if you use a different logo or take off the logo you can use a larger bit that is less likely to break. The 1/32" bits are very fragile.


Heat the acrylic to bend

30 minutes

I tried two different approaches to heating and bending the hooks. The first one was time consuming where I heated each individually and wrapped it around a pipe. Then I modified that approach and held them with a pliers. On the second set I heated both sides first and curled them all together to a curved but not final state. Then I reheated each hook and only had to move it a little to get it into the right position. That approach was a bit faster.


Screw it into the wall

5 minutes

Next I got a power drill and screwed the hook into the wall.

Kyle Slack
What speed on the dewalt 611 were you using to cut the acrylic?
Kyle Slack
Jimmy DiResta
Full speed
Jimmy DiResta
Zach Kaplan
What number did you have the Dewalt on?
Zach Kaplan
Chris Rader
Hey Jimmy what type of hot glue gun do you recommend? I've been using carpet tape for holding some materials down now. I'd really like to type your way! Love your videos!
Chris Rader
James Steinbrecher
Try using two dowels with bolts at each end as a clamp for all the pins. Then you can bend them all at the same time.
James Steinbrecher
Anthony Angrisani
Anthony Angrisani