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DnD Puzzle Box - The Ultimate Dice Vault!

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General Information

We made a dice vault that is also a puzzle box! Protect your dice in style and mystery with this beautiful Bocote piece made on the X-Carve.

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Dungeons and Dragons Puzzle Box - The Ultimate Dice Vault!

240 minutes

A puzzle box is a box that can only be opened by solving a puzzle…and a dice vault is a box that holds your dice. We thought it would be awesome to combine the two into the Ultimate Puzzle Box Dice Vault and turn the ‘Vault’ part into something real! This box is made from solid Bocote and it automatically locks when you close it. It doesn’t open unless you know the secret trick, so your dice are protected from those tainted hands that who will do anything to curse your next roll. ???? The silver dragon adorning the box pays homage to our favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons (or Game of Thrones, if you’re so inclined).

There are some amazing Dice Vault designs online and we got super inspired to make one ourselves. We also did a lot of research on how to make a magnetic puzzle box, and here are some of the things we found that helped us out:

If you make a dice vault, please send us some pictures! We’d love to check it out.

– Bocote (Central American Exotic Hardwood)
– Silver Dragon Pendant (Optional, Replace with Whatever you Like)
– Leather
– Wood Glue –
– Super Glue –
– Shellac Finish (Not Required) –
– Blue Painters Tape –

– Hand Drill –
– Needle Files –
– Clamps –
– Tape Measure –
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Chisels – “”:
– Sandpaper
– Planer (Not Required) –
– Jointer (Not Required) –
– Bandsaw (Not Required) –
– Tablesaw (Not Required) –

Lisa Pitches
Love this project! Working on making one, but was hoping you could share the link for the magnets=)
Lisa Pitches