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Drawing Board Layout for X-C

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General Information

This is a grid I designed in Easel that I use to both center and square my paper with the X and Y axis of the machine when I want to use the machine to draw something.

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Things you should know

I set this up in Easel with a cut depth of .01" and set the tool as a 1/32". This makes the machine believe that its caring a tightly detailed image and gives a better quality image. This was designed on a specific size white board I had laying around, the bottom of an unused drawer, so you might need to modify it to fit your application, if you even need to use it at all. This was more intended to be more of an idea starter, but you can use this design if you want to. Enjoy! Please post any remakes, particularly if they’re modified, I’m interested to see what anyone else comes up with!