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Drawings on the X-Carve

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I taught my machine how to draw!

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I included in the digital file the part that I machined to mount to the left side of the router mount. I oversized this part a little as I usually with most of my parts so that I can sneak up on the proper size by hand with some sand paper to ensure a snug fit. I also have the image of JFK with it, the part needs to be machined with a standard 8th in bit and I setup the drawing parameters with a depth of .01" and a cutting bit of 1/32" to fool the machine into thinking it’s cutting the images. Just set the tip of the pen on the corner of the paper and let it rip. I built the arm out of the wood piece I designed and machined and then added an arm from an old hard drive and just threaded it directly into the wood near the bottom towards the front for easy pen adjustment or removal. It’s bearing is extremely stable side to side, which is why I decided to use it rather than anything else I had laying around at the time. I added an M3x 25 I believe is the length, as an arm rest below it and attached a random spring I had laying around to the back of the arm where there’s a small O-ring, which helps to keep it in place, and the other side of the spring is attached to another M3x25 screw just above the arm in the middle of the wood mount. The hard drive arm has 3 aluminum fingers on the tip of it, which came in handy as well for holding the pen. I trimmed the tip for the middle finger to make a gap between the first and last fingers, then ran a small zip-tie through the weight reduction holds in the fingers around the front to hold the pen in place. Also, not sure if it matters much, but for what it’s worth, the pen I use is a Sakura Pigma Micron Graphic 1. I believe the “1” stands for 1mm. It’s a pen I don’t use in my hand drawn images so I decided to dedicate it to the machine. I’ve also made a graph for paper placement so that you can ensure the paper is square to both the X and Y axis. That way when you mount the paper you know you image will be in line with the paper. I’ll post another project with that graph later on. I’ll also try to post some better pictures, when I upload my images they get converted to 5:3 so they look real bad compared to how they normally look.