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Dual Cities End Table

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General Information

I’ve wanted to do a dual skyline piece of furniture to show the two skylines from where my wife and I are both from. This can be made into an end table like this or scaled up to be a coffee or dining room table. It can also just outline the cities or completely carve out the area between them.

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Walnut (×4)

6" × 12" × 3/4" Walnut


from Inventables


Find Your City Skylines

15 minutes

To make this you will need to find skyline pictures of the city skylines you want to use. I used Kansas City and Detroit, the cities my wife and I are from. Google images is your friend here.

You will need to make sure that the ones you find are silhouettes so that it is the easiest to trace.


Trace and Engrave

90 minutes

Now that you have your skylines, it is time to import them into Easel. When importing them, you will want to import them as a trace so that it will cut out the outlines of the skylines.

When you have both skylines imported, you just have to rotate one 180 degrees to be opposite the other one and scale them to make them both fit whatever size you plan on making. I made this one relatively small to be used as an end table.

Then you just need to check to see how long the cutting time will be and then cut it out.


Alternate Options

There are also other variations to this design that you could make but they would take longer to cut. You can cut out the “sky” portion between both skylines or alternatively you can cut out the buildings leaving the “sky” raised.

Colored resin can be used in the cut out areas to create a flat, uniform table top.