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Festive Stamps for DIY Tea Towels

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Mo Stych

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Mo Stych

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These stamps are pool-party ready! Carve them on linoleum blocks (in less than 20 minutes) and decorate for your next get-together.

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8" × 10" Linoleum Block


from Inventables


Choose your designs

10 minutes

Upload a design into Easel. You can import an SVG, use image trace to use an online image, or even import a photo of something you drew.

Included in the Easel file are three designs I used: some tiki-tropical designs, geometric patterns, and a giant palm leaf.

Resize the images so they fit onto the linoleum block you want to carve.

For this project, I carved 2 sets of designs (tiki and geometric) into one 8″ × 10″ linoleum block. I cut them out on a jigsaw when the carve was finished. This allowed me to maximize the carve area.


Use the Stamp Maker app

2 minutes

Once your designs are set up, use Easel’s Stamp Maker app to generate the stamp file. You can watch the Stamp episode of Easel Live (starting at minute 11) to see how to use the app.

The Easel file in this project already has a carve-ready stamp ready to go, so there’s no need to use the app if you want to use this file. However, if you’re making your own design, the Stamp Maker app is fantastic!



Secure the linoleum block to your waste board with double-sided tape. Using tape allows you to get all the way to the edges of your material.

Finish setting up the machine, click “carve,” and let X-Carve work its magic.


Filing and Separating

15 minutes

Once the block is fully carved, I use a small file to remove any stray linoleum curls. I’ve found files are easier to use than sandpaper for linoleum.

I use a jigsaw or bandsaw to cut the individual stamps out of the main block. This allows me to get as close as possible to the full shape or the stamp. I can also save time by cutting the MDF mounting block with a saw instead of using X-Carve to cut through the material.


Stamp your project

30 minutes

I use Speedball fabric block printing ink and rubber brayers (rollers) to apply ink to linoleum stamps. These products have worked great for me time and time again. In this case, I stamped some tea towels, but I’ve used these fabric inks on koozies and t-shirts. too.

Happy stamping!


Speedball inks

Rubber brayer rollers