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Flexible Arm Rest Tray

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Antonio Hernandez Menchaca

Project by

Antonio Hernandez Menchaca
Mexico City, Mexico

General Information

This tray was designed for arm rest use, but can really be used anywhere. The advantage of it is we can just lift it up and move anything we have on top without having to remove it.

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Material Description Price

Walnut (×2)

6" × 12" × 1/2" Walnut


Select material

5 minutes

You need to pick a piece of material which is bigger than 270 × 400 mm in order for the piece to be able to be cut from it. The piece I chose for this project was 1/2 inch thick.



40 minutes

Set your piece up, open the easel file and let it carve.


Sanding and Finish

5 minutes

Sand all the pieces and apply your finish of choice. In this case I went for some Danish Oil, for a beautiful and easy finish.


Glue Bottom Support

5 minutes

Once the parts of the project are carved, grab a strip of any kind of fabric and glue it across the bottom side of all the pieces, making it the support that will hold the piece together.