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Funko Pop Rocks Stage Set

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7 copies
Steve Carmichael

Project by

Steve Carmichael
Lawrenceville, USA

General Information

I made a Concert Stage Set for my Funko Pop Rocks band collection.

Like this project Open in Easel®

Watch the Video!

5 minutes

Watch my video of this build them make one yourself!


Check out the EASEL design!

30 minutes

Click the “Open In Easel” button above to check out my EASEL design. Click on each object to check measurements. You may want to make changes or customize it to fit your needs. Always check the carve settings on other people’s projects. Have fun!


Carve It!

120 minutes

This project takes over 2 hours to carve with the current settings. It can be carved from a 27" section of 1×12 pine from the home center. (.75″×11.25″×27″) Clamp it securely and carve the project with a 1/8" two flute straight bit.


Sand, Paint, and Assemble!

45 minutes

Separate the parts from the board and sand everything smooth. I recommend leaving the top surfaces unfinished as some paints/finishes could damage the vinyl Funko Pop figures. I painted some of the parts that would not touch the figures to add some color.

Glue together the lighting truss parts and attach a strip of LED lights (optional).

Glue together the little drum set. Some Funko Pop Drummer figures do not come with a drum set, so I included one in the design. :)

Cut three pieces of 1/2" dowel rod to support the stage platforms. If you like, cut lots of them at different lengths so you can vary the height of the platforms.


Light It Up!

Slide a record cover album into the groove on the main stage for a back drop. Position your Funko Pop Rocks figures on the stage, then light it up! Have fun and enjoy!