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Geometric Snowflake Trivet

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Fred Housel

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Fred Housel
Warren, Ohio

General Information

A hexagonal trivet made from Cherry wood. Has a a snowflake-ish design cut into the face. You can add cork to the back if you want to help keep it from moving. If you like this design, make it! If you decide to make these to sell, all I ask is that you credit my design in product descriptions! ;)

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Cherry Wood

Cherry Wood

6" × 12" × 1/2" Cherry Wood


Solid Carbide Downcut Fish Tail Spiral Bit

Solid Carbide Downcut Fish Tail Spiral Bit

1/32" Downcut Fish Tail Carving Bit


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1 minute

This is a trivet with a geometric snowflake design. I used some Cherry that was about 1/4" but you can use whatever. I wouldn’t recommend smaller than 1/4 boards though. If you like this, make it! If you decide to make these to sell, all I ask is you credit me in product descriptions by linking back to this project page!



You can technically carve this all with the 1/32" downcut bit; however, I’d recommend you start by setting the hexagon path that cuts all the way through to zero and just carving the design with the 1/32" bit. Then after the design has carved set the design path to zero depth (or just delete it) and use a 1/16" bit to cut out the overall shape. I tried doing this with roughing bits, but Easel didn’t seem to give me a way to distinctly set the overall shape to 1/16". It wanted to use the 1/32" detail bit for everything.


Sand & Finish

After cutting away the tabs, I hit the edges with the disc sander, then sanded the whole object with 320 grit.

On some of these, I used my laser to cut a slightly smaller hexagon shape out of cork for a base that helped prevent the trivet from sliding, but it’s not necessary. If you do that, just use a small amount of wood glue on the cork and clamp everything flat for a few hours.

Afterward, I finished everything with mineral oil and beeswax.