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Guitar Clock

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Steve Carmichael

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Steve Carmichael

General Information

This Guitar Clock is a simple starter project that incorporates a recess cut and a full through-cut with tabs. It makes a great gift for any musician. Display it on a desk as is or hang it on a wall.

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Material Description Price
Tiger Maple (Flame Maple)

Tiger Maple (Flame Maple)

6" × 12" × 3/4" Tiger Maple


Purchase a Clock Insert

Purchase the clock insert prior to cutting this project. Below is a link to the clock insert that I used. It requires a recess that is 2.375" in diameter and about .6" deep. Adjust the diameter and cutting depth of the circle object in EASEL to fit your clock insert.


Get Carving!

60 minutes

This project requires a through-cut, so I recommend placing a sacrificial board under the workpiece if you do not wish to cut into your waste board. Clamp the material down, check your settings, and carve your Guitar Clock!

Also, enjoy the video overview of my X-Carve workstation and my first project, the Guitar Clock!

Brian Gidney
That is pretty cool bro! I will have to make one, but with the neck of the guitar too!
Brian Gidney
John Tyrone
John Tyrone, here. How do you change the circumference of circle for clock in Easel? I have the clock from Hobby Lobby but the cut out area is too large. Or can it be downloaded into V-cave Pro?
John Tyrone
Steve Carmichael
@John Tyrone - You click on the circle and type in the new diameter and press Ente, then re-center it.
Steve Carmichael