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Guitar Shaped Side Table

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Steve Carmichael

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Steve Carmichael

General Information

I needed a table next to my favorite chair in my office/music room, so I made a Guitar Shaped Side Table.

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Watch the Video!

6 minutes

Watch my video of this project, then follow these basic instructions to make one yourself! Click the blue button at the top-right of this page to open a copy of this EASEL project. Make sure to adjust the dimensions to fit the dimensions of your material and parts.


Prepare the Blanks!

30 minutes

I glued up a panel of 3/4" thick walnut that was 16″×24″ for the table top.
I cut a section of 9/16" maple that was 9″×20″ for the legs.
Note: I used my planer to plane the maple board down from 3/4" to 9/16" thick so that the guitar tuners would fit. I adjusted the mortises on the underside of the top to fit this 9/16" width as well.


Carve the Top and Legs!

90 minutes

The EASEL project consists of two jobs.
The first job is to cut the table top. Mount the blank on the X-Carve with the bottom side up for cutting the mortises.
The second job is to cut the legs (necks).


Sand, Assemble, and Finish!

120 minutes

Sand all parts smooth.
I used a trim router to put an 1/8" roundover on the edges of the table top.
Test the fit of the legs into the table top mortises, then glue them in.
I sprayed the table with satin Deft Clear Wood Finish Spray Lacquer.
Mount the guitar tuners. (Click here for an inexpensive set of tuners.)
Measure a section of guitar string to form a V shape between the back two legs and cut it to length. Thread the cut string through the ring on the other piece of guitar string. Wind the string onto the tuners to form a Y between the legs.

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francois giroux
I really like this table!! Am I wrong or the legs are not in the project ??
francois giroux
Steve Carmichael
The Easel project has two jobs in it. Tab 1 is the table top and tab 2 contains the legs. Thanks!
Steve Carmichael
francois giroux
unfortunately, no Tab 2 ?!!
francois giroux
Steve Carmichael
I added a picture to step 3 of the instructions. It shows the Easel project. Look at the bottom of the picture to see tab 1 with the guitar shape and tab 2 with the legs.
Steve Carmichael
Florian Zigan
where is tab 2
Florian Zigan
Steve Carmichael
Click the blue "Open in Easel" button on this project page. When the project opens, there are two tabs at the bottom. See the picture in step 3. Email me at if you still can't find it.
Steve Carmichael