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"Hello Beautiful" Stamp

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Mo Stych

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Mo Stych

General Information

I made this stamp from a handwritten sketch and uploaded it to Easel. I stamped it on a t-shirt with some fabric inks, but I hope to make some paper prints, too!

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5" × 7" Linoleum Block


from Inventables


Draw your idea

5 minutes

Using a Sharpie, I wrote out what I wanted to carve onto a stamp. I took a photo of the paper and uploaded it to Easel using Import > Image Trace. After playing with the tolerances, I imported the file and started some small adjustments.

The “Simulate” button was my BFF to make sure the design looked exactly how I wanted it to look before carving. I was able to edit the points to manipulate the design and get it to look right.

Make sure you flip the design when you make a stamp, so it stamps correctly!


Carve into Linoleum

20 minutes

My design took about 20 minutes to carve, but carve time depends on the complexity of your design. You can make carving time shorter by trying using one bit (mine was all with 1/16" straight cut bit) and by keeping your design less complex. The larger the bit, the quicker your carves will be!



10 minutes

There are a lot of ways to use your stamp. You can use ink pads or tubes of ink with a roller.

I purchased Speedball fabric inks in multiple colors and used a roller to apply the ink to my stamp. If you’re using the stamp multiple times for the same project like I did, make sure to clean the stamp and roller after each use. Water and a clean rag worked for me.

Go find everything and put a stamp on it.


Watch the Easel Live Tutorial

30 minutes

Want to see a more in-depth tutorial? Check out Easel Live and watch us make a stamp from start to finish!