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Ivy Window Panel

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Teams  Design

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Teams Design

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Let design climb your windows with this translucent plastic ivy pattern! The repeatable design allows you to add other panels to create a larger display. Use different colors for a personalized design that changes with the time of day, amount of light, and weather for an evolving experience.

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Material Description Price
40% Light Transmission White Acrylic Sheet

40% Light Transmission White Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/4 in

File Description Unit Price

Native CS Artwork



Carvey File


Download Zip

from Inventables


Carvey Cutting Time

480 minutes

Using the link provided and your preferred color and/or material, cut the pattern using your Carvey.

Remove the finished cut panel from the Carvey and prepare to cut the main design out from the surrounding remaining frame.



Remove Extra Material

60 minutes

Cut away extra material that is not wanted from the pattern.


Hang Panel(s) on Window

5 minutes

Use small suction cups or another hanging solution to attach the panels to your window. The natural light reflects through the translucent materials. Arrange the panels as you wish to create different displays!

The suction cups used here were purchased on 12 Tiny 7/8" Suction Cups

Jason Basquez
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Jason Basquez