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Jesus Portrait

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Charles Dearing

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Charles Dearing
Gatesville, united States

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Again, being cautious (to avoid breaking bits) I did 5 inch-per-minute passes, 0.040 in. depth per pass. Total of 5 passes.
The project took about 7 1/2 hours.
I used a 1/16 cutting diameter-1/8 shank, 2 flute fish tail bit on the 24 volt spindle.

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Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood

Type: Plywood, Wood Type: Plywood, Species: Birch, Thickness: 1/2 in, Dimensions: 18 in × 24 in

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Jesus Portrait

I designed this as with 99% of my designs. I took it into inkscape and clicked “Display” then “Outline”.
I then clicked on “Path” and “Trace Bitmap”. In the pop up window I clicked “Update” then “ok”.
This is how I do most of my projects due to being in the habit when cutting on a scroll saw.
Start the project in Easel.
Choose your material and put in the dimensions of the wood you will be using. My chosen wood was 3/16 thick (0.188).
Choose your depth per pass (I chose 0.040 depth per pass to avoid breaking bits). This came out to 5 passes per cut.
Choose “inside” for the cuts unless you want to clear out only a certain amount of depth…then you would choose “Fill”.
Choose the per minute cut you’re comfortable with. (I chose 5 inches per minute -again to avoid breaking bits.
I used the stock 24 volt spindle.
Your specific settings can vary depending on your comfort/confidence level…as well as if you use a trim router or not.
Make sure the bit is “kissing” the surface after securing it down with clamps. Home everything and hit CARVE!

Sean Montgomery
tried to open in easel and it will not let me. love the pic though hopefully someone can get it fixed.
Sean Montgomery
cnc guy
Same here. I am unable to open it.
cnc guy