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Knock-Down 30" Stool by Le PicBois

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Pat Lap

Project by

Pat Lap
Shawinigan, Canada

General Information

I decided to test the capacity of my new X-Carve by drawing a 30 inches knock-down stool. This is the project file. Feel free to modify it as you want. Enjoy!

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Watch the Video!

- This video shows you the making process!

- Enjoy! Please leave a Comment and Subscribe!



Design in Adobe Illustrator

30 minutes

- Make your design in Illustrator on a 30" X 30" canvas.

- Then export a .SVG file.

*Note: You don’t need to make this step as I did it for you!


Open the file in Easel

1 minute

- Import the .SVG file into Easel.

- Make sure you enter the correct dimensions of the project which is 30" X 30" X 0.75".

- Set the cutting depth at ¾" for the whole design except for the tabs on the seat. (those needs to be set to ½" deep.)

*Note: You don’t need to make this step as I also made it for you as well!
Just put a 30" X 30" X ¾" material on the machine and carve it!


Make your Blank

5 minutes

- Take a piece of plywood ¾" thick, and measure a 30″ × 30″ square.
(you can use MDF or laminated wood also)


Cut your Blank

5 minutes

- Now it’s time to cut your blank. I did 31″ × 31″ on mine just in case but you don’t need to. The design is made to fit a 30″ × 30″ blank.


Install the Blank on the X-Carve

5 minutes

- Install and secure the blank on the X-Carve. I screwed my blank directly on the wasteboard, but if you don’t want to damage it, just use clamps provided with the machine.


Carve the Design

120 minutes

- The longest part of the process is to wait for the machine to do its job. But it’s worth it!

- It took me about 2 hours to carve this design with the original parameters. You may be able to save a few minutes by changing the settings.


Wait for it...

- Stay close to the machine during the process to make sure there are no pitfalls or mechanical breakage. (you’re almost there)


Sand your Pieces

5 minutes

- Once the carving is done, remove the pieces from the machine and sand them to avoid splinters.



1 minute

- It’s finally time to put the pieces together!


You're done!

- Enjoy your New Knock-Down Stool and don’t forget to watch the Video! ;)