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LED Matrix(will update after making another)

Zachary Goode

Project by

Zachary Goode

General Information

This is an 8×8×8 LED Matrix made of Walnut and 512 LED’s. It is controlled a custom designed and produced Arduino board. The matrix also has a relay that is controlled by an ESP8266-01 that keeps it on a schedule of the local library, as that is where it currently lives.

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Material Description Price

Walnut (×6)

6" × 12" × 1/2" Walnut

File Description Unit Price


A GIF of the matrix turned on



A PDF of the control board


The eagle files of the control board



Schematic for the control board



picture of the control board



The code that controls the cube


Download Zip

from Inventables


Solder the Control Board and the Cube

645 minutes

As per the schematic included with the files solder the electronic components in the pcb. Parts needed are: 9-SN74HC595 shift registers; 16-2n2222 transistors; 512-5mm LED’s; 66-220 ohm resistor; 1-10k ohm resistor; 2-5mm indicator LED’s; 1-12mm panel mount pushbutton; a couple meters of hookup wire; 45 yards of silver plated copper wire (jewelry wire); 5v power supply.

In about a week or so I will be making another two of these, of which I will try to document the process much better so that it is easy to replicate)