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Lids for Nikka Whiskey Bottles

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Ben Uyeda

Project by

Ben Uyeda
Joshua Tree, California

General Information

I cut Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey bottles in half using a tile saw and wanted to make some wooden lids. the bottles occasionally have different thicknesses so i made the middle lid a little looser to accommodate the thicker walled bottles. So far i have carved both walnut and maple lids.

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Fred Housel
I like this idea, but I'm having trouble seeing how the design in this Easel link creates the final shape. To me, all I see is circular grooves cut into the material. I dunno why, but I'm having trouble designing lids for myself and wanted to get a better understanding of how to do that in Easel.
Fred Housel
Jeff Thompson
The dark circle around each one should cut all the way through the material. With his design you have to use a 1/8" bit or smaller to make it happen.
Jeff Thompson