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Magazine Rack

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Austin, Texas, United Stated of America

General Information

A simple yet functional magazine rack. This magazine rack measures roughly 16.5" in length, 12" in height and 8" in width. The design affords 4 surfaces for high personalization & customization, and 2 surfaces for branding or fun “Easter Eggs” placement. The desired material is a fine 1/2" plywood.

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MDF Wood

MDF Wood



This design affords 4 surfaces for high personalization and customization, and 2 for branding or “Easter Eggs” placement. Measure the true thickness of the material and add that exact information to the software to ensure through cuts without any problems. The layout was purposely designed to fit in a 2′ × 2′ board with a minimum amount of waste.



210 minutes

The bit I used for this carve was the 1/8" 2-Flute Solid Carbide Compression Bit part number 30668-01 sold by Inventables. I chose this bit because it leaves a nice finish on both the top and bottom side of your material, as described.



30 minutes

Once the X-Carve is done carving out the pieces and you’ve removed the excess tab material, the assembly process is really simple. A strong wood glue such as Titebond II Premium Wood Glue is recommended. That is the glue I used. If nailing is desired, use brad nails up to an inch in length.

Always test the fit prior to applying glue. Dry runs are great practice! Apply adhesive to the groves on an end piece (in this case the one with the heart) and fit one of the long panels (the one with the flower) as shown.

Fit the other long panel (the one with the flower) as shown.

Apply adhesive to the remaining grooves and slide in the bottom piece, as shown.

Apply adhesive to the remaining end cap (in this case, the one with the heart) and fit it over the previous assembly to achieve the fully assembled magazine rack as shown.



60 minutes

For this particular magazine rack, I used a caulk, primer and paint I had available from previous project. So what you see below is what I had available at the time of this project was completed.

You can see where I placed the 2 pieces that came from under the legs of the end pieces to prevent the magazines from slipping.