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Magic Table

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Mitch Peacock

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Mitch Peacock

General Information

“Find the Lady”, “Three Cups”, or any other trick that needs a table, will be a breeze on this quick setup table. It’s also ideal as a standing desk for the executive on the go.

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Adjust Size To Suit User and Available Hinges

I used piano hinge, and sized the rebates to locate the pieces correctly. You should check the hinges you intend to use, to make sure they will fit, or adjust the rebate carves appropriately.

You can adjust the table height by changing the Y size of the stand parts.

The table top can also be re-sized with similar care.


Carve and Assemble

240 minutes

Watch the video to see how I made mine, and copy that.
Each piece in Easel says in it’s name how many pieces should be carved.
By flipping over cut-out pieces, they can be securely wedged in the remainder of the blank, from which they were carved, to be carved on the reverse.
The “Suits Carve” can be made on the reverse of any, or none, of the stand pieces.
Once carved, all parts are prepared for finish by sanding and removing sharp corners.
The vertical hinges are reverse mounted, so a bevel should be made to accommodate the butts.
Attach the hinges with short screws, test the tables movement, remove hinges, and paint, before final assembly.