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Makeup Station

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Antonio Hernandez Menchaca

Project by

Antonio Hernandez Menchaca
Mexico City, Mexico

General Information

Makeup tutorials are pretty popular these days, that’s why I decided to design a simple, single pieced solution to help aid in this task.

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Material Description Price
Bamboo Plywood

Bamboo Plywood

Thickness: 3/4 in - don't use, Plies: 3 - don't use 1, Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in - don't use 1


Selecting Material

5 minutes

For this project I chose to go for bamboo plywood. Personally I think it has a great clean look and it’s a quality and durable material.



56 minutes

Once you have your board of choice ready set it up, run the easel file that comes with this project and wait til it’s done.


Sanding and Finish

15 minutes

Lightly sand any imperfections the plywood might have once it’s done being carved until it’s nice and smooth.

I’d personally recommend using a Polyurethane finish for this project since it might get dirty often and would need constant cleaning, but that’s up to you.


Share and Enjoy

5 minutes

Since I do not own a CNC machine, I can’t really make these projects using that process, so if you do choose to remake my projects please share the pictures of it.