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Micron Pen Holder

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Andrew Terpening

Project by

Andrew Terpening
New York

General Information

An elegant Micron pen holder that, while designed specifically for Micron Pens, can be easily modified to fit most any pen. Made of walnut and aluminum, I originally designed this to be a companion to my walnut laptop stand. Not only classy, but functional, allowing ease of access to my pens.

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Material Description Price
Aluminum Sheet 6061

Aluminum Sheet 6061

Dimensions: 12 in × 12 in × .032 in, Thickness: .032 in




6" × 12" × 3/4" Walnut


from Inventables



60 minutes

Of course you’ve got to CNC the parts before anything else!

Keep in mind the Aluminum goes on the machine twice, once for the fold grooves, and once for everything else. And he walnut goes on the machine three times. Once for the front holes and the rounding of the top and bottom. And another two times for each side, drilling the screw holes.


Preparation and Cleaning

15 minutes

Now that you’ve got your parts cut with the X-Carve, remove the excess material, grab your aluminum base and get ready to do some simple “origami”!


A Fast Fold

5 minutes

First things first, you want to bend the section that will become the top, where the screws go. It is only 7 degrees, so it should be pretty quick.


A Big Bend

5 minutes

So, the first step was pretty simple, right? This one is a bit bigger. Instead of 7 degrees, you now need to bend up the next section 83 degrees.


Another Fast Fold

5 minutes

Pretty much the same as the first bend, but now the opposite side of the base; bend down 7 degrees.


Big Bend, the Second

5 minutes

This one is just like before, but now on the other side of the stand; bend it up 87 degrees.


There it is, a formed stand. You might need to tweak it a bit here and there to get it just perfect, but you’ve got this! You’re almost done!


Parts, Assemble!

10 minutes

You might be able to get away without tapping the holes in the aluminum, but using a tap to make the thread is a good idea. I suggest #6-32, as that’s what I designed for. And the screws are #6-32 × 1/4" set screws.

Start with only a couple screws in the aluminum, so you can still see the holes in the walnut. Line it up the walnut, and turn the screws in. Once you’ve got a couple screws done, you can now get the rest of them in.



1 minute

That’s it! Congratulations, you’re all done, and you can store your Micron pens. Now you can keep them looking classy, stored neatly off your workspace, and still perfectly accessible.

Tyler Beringer
The file only seems to be for the aluminum part. Do you have the file for the walnut part as well?
Tyler Beringer