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Mist Coolant System Bracket

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Peter Eberley

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Peter Eberley

General Information

Easily add an air blast fixed to the spindle pointing right at where the cutter meets the material to clear away chips from even the deepest cuts. It’s easy and inexpensive.

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Milling and mounting the bracket

This project is for milling an aluminum bracket to mount an inexpensive mist coolant/lubrication system from Amazon or Ebay. The same mechanism lets you optionally provide lubrication in a fine mist to cut down on the tendency for the chips to stick to the cutting edges.

The bracket is made from 3mm aluminum and mounts to the Dewalt 611 mounting bracket using 3 M4x5mm screws. I then mounted the mist coolant/lubrication system to the bracket using 2 M4x20mm and 2 M4 washers and nuts.

I also added a regulator so I can control the amount of airflow.