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Mosaic Tiles

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Sam Alaimo

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Sam Alaimo

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Join our Mosaic Tile Challenge to help us break a World Record!

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Mosaic Tile Kit for Schools

Mosaic Tile Kit for Schools

60 Tiles (5 each of 12 color combinations) + 2 carving bits

Two-Color HDPE - White on Black

Two-Color HDPE - White on Black

Thickness: 1/4 inch, Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in


This project's Bill of Materials is not complete.

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Submit your design to our Maker Challenge!

5 minutes

Click here to submit your design and earn a $5 gift card!


Watch Easel live!

30 minutes

Watch this video to learn how to enter the Mosaic tile Maker Challenge!

Mosaic Tile Maker Challenge Rules
The contest is limited to mosaic tiles made with Easel on X-Carve or Carvey. Your tile can be designed in Easel or imported into Easel.

All tiles must be sized 6” x 6” but can be any thickness, made out of any carvable material.
Your entry on the Maker Challenge page must include a valid link to your Easel file.

You must submit an Easel screenshot of your tile design or carved photo of your tile on the Mosaic Tile Maker Challenge page in order to receive your gift card. Photos of anything other than these two things will not qualify, even if your Easel file link is valid.

We support family-friendly projects. As such, we won’t accept images depicting violence or adult content as official entries into the challenge.

By uploading any files to our website, you are allowing us to distribute them for you. ?
Share your Easel screenshot or a carved picture of your tile on the Mosaic Tile Wall Challenge Page on the website.
Reward: $5 Inventables gift card

Teachers and schools: It is possible to combine gift codes to use for one larger purchase. Each student in your class should create their own Easel account and submit their entries individually. We will send the gift codes to each student individually, using the email address associated with their Easel account. You will need to gather the gift codes from each individual student. Email all the gift codes to us at so we can combine their value into a single gift code.