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Phone Stand

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Antonio Santiago

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Antonio Santiago
Cleveland, usa

General Information

Simple phone stand with a drawer for your belongings. Notes are attached for each part with instructions if needed. Also, use the photos for when putting together. The cavity for the drawer is quicker to do with a table saw, just cut and and attach to the face using the engraving for guidance.

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Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood

Thickness: 1/2 in, Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in


Cut the main 3 parts

Cut the main 3 parts, and glue the 2 holder( little guy) piece together. Use the small pocket holes for guidance and put screws from underneath to hold the “little guy”. Make sure you drill first so the wood won’t crack on you.


Drawer cavity

Cut the drawer cavity on a table saw, is quicker, and glue together. There is an engraving on the face part for quick placement and also for size of it. Measure to the outside of the engraving, a hair bigger is fine. The depth of the cavity is 4 inches (same as the drawer).
The face of the drawer, I used a laser for that but you can engrave it with v-bit if you have one.



I put some round pieces of 1/2" plywood that I had for the legs, you need to put some legs so the phone wire can go underneath and to the back. There’s also a file for a picture if you would like to add that. Just cut the face file first, then flip the part horizontal and cut on the other side making sure that the bit is at the bottom left corner. Do not move the picture cutout, it is place just right for cutting!
There’s room for improvement for this, please do so and share if you cut one. Enjoy!!