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Push Stick Flappy Chicken

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Myron Kinnunen

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Myron Kinnunen

General Information

A child’s push stick chicken. Cut out the chicken and the wheels from hard maple, then cut out the linoleum feet. Assembled with a 1/4" dowel through one wheel, through the chicken body, through the other wheel then attach the linoleum and glue so the feet are offset and will flap when pushed.

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Material Description Price
Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue

Gorilla Wood Glue - 4 oz

Hard Maple

Hard Maple

6" × 12" × 3/4" Hard Maple

Instant Bonding Glue - INSTANT JET™

Instant Bonding Glue - INSTANT JET™

2 ounce bottle



4" × 6" Linoleum Sheet


Cutout Chicken and Wheels

24 minutes

Set up the 6″×12″ 3/4" hard maple board, setup the X-Carve with an 1/8" bit and hit carve.


Cut out Linoleum feet

2 minutes

Set up the 4″×6″ 1/8" linoleum, using a 1/16" bit in the X-Carve then hit carve.


Sand, Paint, Assemble

15 minutes

Sand the wooden parts, cut out a push stick from materials of your choosing, and prepare them for the finish of your choice. Drill or mortise a hole in the back of the chicken body to attach the push stick. Apply finish. After finish has dried insert a 1/4" dowel through one wheel with a little glue, then insert the unglued portion of the dowel through the chicken, then glue on the other wheel with the grooves offset from each other. After glue has dried insert and glue the flapper feet into the grooves in the wheels. Glue in the push stick and enjoy your new flappy chicken.