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Ranchers Birthday Gift

Marc Schaefermeyer

Project by

Marc Schaefermeyer

General Information

Know a Rancher who needs a birthday gift? Get their Brand and make a rustic wood inlay for them to display.

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Plane the back of the pallet wood

10 minutes

This is to get the back side of the wood smooth.


Miter the edges to wrap the wood and hide the cut edges

20 minutes

Miter the edge of the wood to have a 45 angle to attach the edge to make it look like the wood just wraps around the edge and hides the clean cut edge.

I glued and pin nailed then clamped these in place.


Pre-drill and Key-hole the back prior to milling

I drilled a 3/4" hole on a 45 degree angle for a stand. I also drilled out two key-hole slots for it to hang on a wall.


Cut out the inset and inlay

30 minutes

Cut out the inset where the inlay will be placed and also cut out the inlay.
I made mine so that the inlay would protrude out from the surface of the pallet wood back.


Make a video of the process...

15 minutes

Here is a YouTube video of the process as well.