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Remake of "Gift Card Holder" Upcycled floor

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General Information

A oak gift card holder milled in two parts on the x-carve, custom made for this specific gift card.

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White Oak Plywood

White Oak Plywood

Thickness: 1/2 in, Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in


from Inventables


Select your wood

So for this ptoject I wanted to recycle something and well lets call it upcycling lol

I started with a scrap piece of .75" solid oak floor scrap from my local flooring store

this will do great


Surface your wood to the correct size

I needed to get this wood down to hte right size for this project and get rid of all the bumps

so I used:

.75" bottom surfacing bit
95 in/min and .0180 depth of cut per pass

and my material measured .75" and for my card holder we need to go down to .1875"

so let that run and see your new board come to life


Carve your desgin

So next you will want to carve the desgin out of your new piece of wood

I used:

.125" downcut carbide spiral bit
at 45 inch/min and .050 depth of cut for this project

the smile face is cut .030 deep into the square of wood


Finish and admire

So after you get it all cut out make sure and sand everything to line up and finish to your liking for this project I wanted to leave bare wood and a little black on the engraving

Feel great all day that you made something out of someone else trash:)

make sure to check out the video of the entire process start to finish

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>