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Reversible Interlocking Candle Holder

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John McWhirter

Project by

John McWhirter
Chicago, USA

General Information

Simple candle holder for tealights, or pillar candles up to 4" in diameter when reversed. Designed for 1/2" material, for other thicknesses, see instructions.

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6" × 12" × 1/2" Walnut


Choose Your Material & Cut It Out

15 minutes

I chose walnut hardwood and finished it with a little mineral oil. This file should work with most 1/2" thick materials.

For the interlocking votive acrylic top, see this Easel project Or design your own!

For the base design without the interlock (for different material thicknesses), see this Easel project And check out this Easel Live episode on making interlocking candle holders to learn how to use the Interlocker app in Easel.

Yield: you should be able to make at least 3 candle holders from one 6×12 piece of material.