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Shaving Stand

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Darick Carpenter

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Darick Carpenter

General Information

My wife bought me a nice shaving set for my birthday. I built a stand just using my shop tools, but it needed some refinement and it was the perfect CNC project.

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Soft Maple - Hardwood Type

Soft Maple - Hardwood Type

Thickness: 3/4 in, Dimensions: 6 in × 12 in


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19 minutes

Carve the base, top, and post out. I chose to just cut the post on the table saw.


Sand and route edges!

20 minutes

Sand all the pieces. I only have a mini CNC machine, so it took a while to cut out and the edges were pretty rough. I started with 120 grit and finished with 220 grit. I then used a 1/8 inch round over bit on the router to break all the edges. Then used a 1/4 inch round over on the inner brush holder. This fit the contoured handle of the brush nicely. I also used the table saw to cut the notch in the post. I used a drill press to make the holes in the post, but a regular drill would do just as well. I used 3/8 inch diameter dowels, but you can use whatever you have, just make sure you adjust them in the base and top as well.


Assemble and finish!

20 minutes

Assemble the stand with dowels and glue. Let the glue dry enough then you can begin finishing the stand. I used a nice dark stain. Then finished it with some clear coat to protect the wood from water.



Enjoy your stand!