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Trevor Rideout

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Trevor Rideout

General Information

This is a simple mallet that you can cut out and use on other projects. The idea was to make a mallet that is easily replaced, Unlike the fancy ones that take us hours to make. Keep that one looking pretty on the wall.

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Material Description Price
Hard Maple

Hard Maple (×2)

6" × 12" × 3/4" Hard Maple


The only step

Its pretty simple, just cut the parts out, sand them, glue them, and give them a coat of oil if you wish.
If you change the thickness of the material, you have to change the depth of the section that the handle fits into. (half of the thickness of the material)
You can modify it by adding you name or logo, or whatever you like.

Trevor Rideout
This is my first Easel project, so take it easy on me.
Trevor Rideout