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Spindle mount

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Ryan nodwell

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Ryan nodwell

General Information

This is a spindle mount and dust collection set up for a Makita trim router on the x-carve. The clamp should work with any trim router with a body size of 2.53"

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Material Description Price
Black HDPE Sheet

Black HDPE Sheet

Dimensions: 12 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1 in


Transparent Light Blue Acrylic Sheet

Transparent Light Blue Acrylic Sheet

Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Thickness: 1/8 in


from Inventables

File Description Unit Price

trim router clamp inventables.skp

Sketchup drawing


Download Zip

from Inventables


Carve out clamp.

First carve out the clamp by loading the easel file and verifying the size will fit you router. then just hit the carve button!


layout the holes

layout the hole and make a small hole punch mark for the drill bit to follow. you can get the placement of the holes form the sketch up files. finally drill the hole to the correct tap drill size. I used a #12 bolt which has a tap drill size of #16.


Cut the groove

To provide the clamping action, cut a groove where the holes are drill close to the top.


enlarge top part of holes

to allow room for the tap, as well as some wiggle room for the bolts, I drill out the top half of the clamp slightly larger than the tap drill size.


Tap the holes

Once the hole are widen out you can easily tap the bottom section of the clamp either by hand or a drill.


Square clamps to the mounting bracket and drill holes.

It is important the clamps remain square to the mounting plate as this will affect you cut if the router is out of square. Once square you can mark the holes by lightly drilling through the plate and into the clamps. I enlarged the holes to 1/4". after the holes are marked, you can drill the rest of the way through the clamps


Add hardware and install on x-carve

Finally you can install all the hardware on your mounting plate (v-wheels & delin nut). Then you can install the clamps by using 1/4" socket head bolts. they have to be socket head so there is enough room for the thread rod to clear.
check out the video if you looking for duct collection ideas!

i cant open the project in easel, cause it is not shared to public
Casey kookla
Thank you for taking the time to share and publish this write up! Just heading to my garage with it now!
Casey kookla