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Squatty Potty Phone Stand

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Dustin Smith

Project by

Dustin Smith

General Information

This is a fun phone stand to help go hands-free while spending time with the Squatty Potty. The Squatty Potty acts as the base for the stand and requires adding a small .75" hole (square for stability). The stand is comprised of 3 upright poles and a top that all connect together.

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Material Description Price

Walnut (×2)

6" × 12" × 3/4" Walnut


from Inventables


Acquire Squatty Potty or Stool

First, purchase a Squatty Potty or some sort of low stool. Make a square opening that is approximately 3/4" square (.75″ × .75″) in the top of the stool between where your feet will sit.


Cutting the Stand

10 minutes

Place your material on the CNC and get it positioned. Open Easel and begin the first cut on your first piece of 6″×12″×3/4" wood. Go ahead and cut. This first piece is the top of the phone stand.

Once the first piece is finished, repeat the steps using the second page and second piece of material. The second page has the pole that will thread through the Squatty Potty and will hold the top of the phone stand. Each pole is designed with a “T” style cutout so that they will fit together.



3 minutes

When the cuts are finished, sand off any rough parts and then assemble. You can either glue the poles together, or leave them as-is so that the stand can be broken down and stored in smaller sections.

Once assembled, enjoy your hands-free experience!