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Stacked Ring Candy Dish

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Harry C. Ragland

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Harry C. Ragland

General Information

This project cuts in 23 minutes on my Techno Isel CNC. I have cut it in Baltic Birch and in Pine. It is sized small enough that you could do this on a Carvey. I plan to do a whole batch of these as a project for my son’s Tiger Scout den. I will probably add a graphic on the bottom of the bowl.

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Two-Color HDPE - Red on White

Two-Color HDPE - Red on White

Thickness: 1/4 in, Dimensions: 8 in × 12 in, Quantity: 1


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Order of assembly

The rings will need to be glued in a stack. The order of rings is shown in the picture. Start with 1 and glue 2 on top and so on. Each layer should be slightly twisted with regard to the layer below it so that the outer bumps of the lower ring support the inner bumps of the ring above it.