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Sunglasses Stand

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aaron jones

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aaron jones

General Information

Small, simple and glueless stand that snaps together once cut out.

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Great first project

Items required"

1/4" X 12" X 15" piece of plywood
1/8" Bit

I was not able to list the items required through the “bills of materials” section, it did not give me the 1/4" thick option for the plywood. While the plywood says its 1/4" or .250" it is more like .2" thick which all the holes and measurements are based on a .2" thick material just in case you plan on planing your own boards for this project. If you are unable to purchase your wood from Inventables you can use the plywood from most hardware stores just be sure to use birch or something better.

I did not include tabs on this file because i prefer to use double sided tape when cutting. if you plan on using tabs because you are clamping the materials down please be sure to add them on your own.

My goal for this project was for it to be simple… get your material, secure it and hit play. Once the machine is done you might have to sand some edges but everything should snap together, no glue required.

Sorry for the lack of step by step instructions but the truth is this is a very simple project.