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T-Shirt Folding Board

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Lawton S

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Lawton S

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With three simple flips, you can get wrinkle free clothing ready in no time! Shown in the Big Bang Theory TV show, this convenient T-shirt folding board can save precious time and space. The design can be cut in under an hour, and uses bearings for smooth motion and tight tolerances.

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MDF Wood

MDF Wood (×4)

Dimensions: 12 in × 24 in, Thickness: 1/2 in


Sealed Bearing - 3mm x 10mm x 4mm

Sealed Bearing - 3mm x 10mm x 4mm (×6)

ID: 3 mm, OD: 10 mm, Thickness: 4 mm, Type: 623-2RS

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from Inventables

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Vector image of right tab



Vector image of left tab



Vector image of center of board



Vector image of bottom tab


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from Inventables


Carve the Boards

51 minutes

To begin, carve the design found on Easel. If you purchased 12″ × 24″ MDF wood from Inventables, you will need to carve each of the four workpieces on a separate boards. Otherwise, you can use the fifth workpiece, which carves everything on one board. The carving takes about 50 minutes.


Drill Bearing Holes

1 minute

Once you’re carve is complete, locate the center board (the one with six pegs sticking out). From the peg, mark a point half an inch from the board and half way down (1/4 inch). Drill through the hole using a 10 mm or 25/64 in drill bit. Alternatively, you can use a 3/8 inch drill bit. Repeat this for all six pegs.


Drill Screw Holes

5 minutes

On the other three boards, mark a point again half an inch from the board, and 1/4 inch from the top. This time, using a 1/8" drill bit. Repeat this for the other pegs on all three boards.


Install Bearings

10 minutes

Next, press a bearing into each of the six pegs on the center board. Those using drill bits from the imperial system will find that sanding will be necessary to get the bearing in (especially if you went with a 3/8" drill bit).


Assemble Joints

Finally, align the boards so the inside of the bearing aligns with the holes you drilled on the other three boards. Insert a 3mm diameter screw through the hole, and attach a nut to the other side. Do this for all six joints.